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We provide the link between your business needs and the technology required to provide them. Combining years of expertise in project management, system architecture, and computer programming with a network of experts, we custom design complete software packages for each of our clients.

Doug Wiegley

Doug Wiegley, Co-Owner

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Doug Wiegley has 15+ years experience in software engineering, design, and management, working at companies ranging from a 3 person Mobile App startup to a Fortune 100 company. He has designed and implemented cloud based mobile application solutions, email applications and networking software. His wide range of work experience allows him to easily switch from high level architecture and team management to hands on coding. He has experience both starting projects from the ground up and working with large legacy systems.

When not running a business Doug enjoys spending time with his wife, Rose, and their two young daughters. He also participates in a variety of outdoor activities including hiking and mountain biking. On the weekend he can often be found with his family taking a bike ride on the Boise Greenbelt or riding his mountain bike up a trail in the foothills.

Rose Wiegley

Rose Wiegley, Co-Owner

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Rose Wiegley has 10+ years of experience in software engineering and design, working at companies ranging from a Silicon Valley startup to a Fortune 100 company. She has helped design and implement projects ranging from cloud based servers to low level hardware firmware. Her wide range of experience gives her the skills to dive into a project at any level.

When not working on the business Rose enjoys spending time with her husband, Doug, and taking care of their two young daughters. She also enjoys family bike day on the weekend. In her spare time she can be found outside staring up at the stars learning astronomy or reading a book about the history of math and science.